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The widely stretched out wonderful sandy beach, the preservable enchanting old city with the graphic small narrow alleys, the mosques and the minarets, the old Venetian harbour with the lighthouse, the Venetian castle that dominates in the city, make Rethymno one of the most dear destinations in Greece. Rethymno is a city that can boast that it still maintains its physiognomy and old beauty. The new city, that was developed afterwards 1975, with nice four-flloor buildings and very good structure has supplemented the enchanting picture of the city.

Rethymno is surrounded in the north by the sea and in the south by mountains and hills. The visitor can combine the mountain with the sea, in landscapes that change constantly: to enjoy crystal beaches, to walk in virgin small gorges, to explore small caverns, to visit historical monasteries, churches and unknown archaeological spaces, graphic hamlets with still hospitable persons.

During the last 30 years Rethymno has been developed with the foundation of the University and the growth of tourism. With the help of roughly 5.000 students in the winter and thousands of tourists in the summertime, a live nightlife exists, with a lot of possibilities for entertainment.

In the following links you can find useful information about Rethymno. It is our little guide, from our local experience, about the town and region of Rethymno, with things you might want to know and sights you could visit. For any further questions you might have, please feel free to contact us.


Practical information about Rethymno. Rethymno basics.


Sights. What to see inside the town of Rethymno.


Nearby, history and countryside. Archaeological sights and countryside around Rethymno.


South Rethymno. The wild unspoiled beauty of the south.


Activities. Organized bus, walking and boat tours, offered from Rethymno.


Shopping, Food and Nightlife. Where to shop, eat and enjoy at night.


Crete. Some information about our island.